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Artist: Lil' Wayne
Label: Cash Money
Genre: Rap & Hip Hop
Release: Jan 2002   My Rating: 0
Duration: 70:04
Summary: While the Cash Money Records label continues to suffer through the free-agent exodus of its hottest emcee, Juvenile, Lil Wayne has been slotted in as the crew's go-to griot. However, on "500 Degreez" Wayne's inability to rap about subjects other than Bentleys, babes, blunts, and booze severely limits his career possibilities. On the profanity-laced "F*** You" and "Gangsta S***," his mediocre and indistinct rhymes and flows are barely saved by Mannie Fresh's electro-funk beat schemes. That's not to say that Fresh isn't coasting either, performing his normal interpolation-heavy productions (e.g., "Way of Life" is a spin-off on Junior Mafia's "Get Money"). Why Lil Weezy would spend three-quarters of his studio time boasting about how much moola he makes ("Get That Dough") and how great he thinks he is ("Look at Me") is anybody's guess. The one time Weezy does go introspective on "Young'n Blues" it's already too late, because he's already branded himself a hip-hop jester. "--Dalton Higgins"

Artist: Lil' Wayne
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Release: Jan 2006   My Rating: 0
Duration: 78:22
Summary: When Dedication dropped early in 2004, Lil' Wayne and DJ Drama
brought the mixtape hustle back to New Orleans. One classic spurred
another and then another, and soon Weezy F Baby was not only a hip-
hop household name, but also a mixtape one, too. Back with another
Gangsta Grillz classic, the New Orleans Cash Money prezzy drops this
majorly exclusive mixtape of completely new and unreleased material.

Artist: Lil' Wayne
Genre: Southern Rap
Release: Jan 2005   My Rating: 0
Duration: 66:14
Summary: This brand new mixtape for winter 2005/2006 is the second ever official Lil' Wayne mixtape (with DJ Drama's Dedication mixtape). This mixtape features all new exclusives and freestyles from Lil' Wayne. 18 tracks.

Artist: Lil' Wayne
Label: Cash Money
Genre: Rap
Release: Jan 1999   My Rating: 0
Duration: 70:19
Summary: Despite their similarities, the Cash Money Clique's challenge to Master P's No Limit empire is well founded. Even the Clique's most mundane celebrations of sex, wheels, alcohol, and dollars benefit from sharper, more imaginative production--not to mention occasional flashes of humor. "Tha Block Is Hot", which serves as much as a posse showcase as a Lil Wayne statement, is entertaining even when it's just serviceable. Gangsta clichés aside, the disc is marked by a sense of fun strong enough that you may not even roll your eyes at its claim that Cash Money plans to stick around for the year 3000. Let's hope for their sake that they don't base their investment plans on such predictions. "--Rickey Wright"

Artist: Lil' Wayne
Label: Cash Money
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Release: Jan 2004   My Rating: 0
Duration: 78:26
Summary: Who would have thought back in the Hot Boys' early days that it'd be Lil Wayne who not simply survived his older peers like Juvenile, but ended up thriving by the time he reached "Tha Carter, vol. 2", Weezy's fourth album. He sounds more confident as an MC--but more importantly, he wields a genuinely impressive array of different styles (as opposed to countless one-note rappers), from the chattering, thuggish "Fireman" and the languid style of "Oh No" to the emotional, introspective "Feel Me." In some ways, he actually bears a resemblance to rap's other major "Carter" (Jay-Z), not just in his increasingly effortless flow but in his assertiveness as a leader. In other words, he's matured in all the right ways as an artist. His album is still longer than it needs to be--22 tracks, 77 minutes--but even the filler is listenable while the best songs, like "Receipt," "Shooter," and "Hustler Musik" help establish this as one of 2005's last great albums. "--Oliver Wang"

Artist: Lil' Wayne
Label: Cash Money
Genre: Rap
Release: Jan 2005   My Rating: 0
Duration: 77:23
Summary: From owning and Listening to both the regular and the chopped and screwed version, I can cleary say that the chopped and screwed version is very good but not as good as the other albums that watts has chopped. However the carter 2 C&S is way better than the Carter 1 C&S which was also done by watts.

The album has it good songs that are, clear and understandable. (Fly in, Best Rapper Alive, Shooter, Hustler Musik, Grown Man). Most of the endings to the songs are blended to the beginning to the next song to allow smooth transition for the next track.

Husler Musik is my Favorite chopped track on the album.

Since the songs are already Slowed(Screwed) They allow the listner to understand what Weezy is saying better than the regular version would allow.

Watts Chopping style seems to be more of chopping certain words in the lyrics to allow more impact to the words, instead of just chopping every syllable like most amateur dj's do

There are some problems with album as well, I know Track# 8 ("Mo Fire") Could have been chopped alot better. It doesn't sound bad but the choppin in this song is kinda akward. Like it wasn't chopped in the right places. Track#9 (Weezy Baby feat. Nikki) sounds great...The only problem is it's way to short! It's only 1:25! Why did it have to be cut so short? Track#12 (Watts Scratch) Is watts showing of his scratchin' skills before Track#13 (Receipt) It's not bad either but to some listners (not including me) it might slow the pace to the next song. Last, Track# 20 (Fly Out)fades out (no pun intended) very early, almost in the middle of the song making it only 2:11 long.

All these things aside, tha Carter 2 C&S is very good if you are into chopped and screwed music. But if you're not then stick with the Excellent Regular version.

lastly to all the people who don't like Chopped and screwed music. If you hate "Chopped and Screwed"... Then why are you buying/listening to it? Why are you complaining about it on Amazon if you hate it? It does not make any sense to get something that you already know you're going to dislike.