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Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman Lucy Liu Vivica A. Fox Daryl Hannah David Carradine Michael Madsen Julie Dreyfus Chiaki Kuriyama Sonny Chiba Chia Hui Liu Michael Parks Michael Bowen Jun Kunimura Kenji Ohba Yuki Kazamatsuri James Parks Sakichi Satô Jonathan Loughran Yoshiyuki Morishita Tetsuro Shimaguchi
Genre: Thriller
Theatrical: 2003   Rated: R
Duration: 111
Summary: Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, Vol. 1 is trash for connoisseurs. From his opening gambit (including a "Shaw-Scope" logo and gaudy '70s-vintage "Our Feature Presentation" title card) to his cliffhanger finale (a teasing lead-in to 2004's Vol. 2), Tarantino pays loving tribute to grindhouse cinema, specifically the Hong Kong action flicks and spaghetti Westerns that fill his fervent brain--and this frequently breathtaking movie--with enough cinematic references and cleverly pilfered soundtrack cues to send cinephiles running for their reference books. Everything old is new again in Tarantino's humor-laced vision: he steals from the best while injecting his own oft-copied, never-duplicated style into what is, quite simply, a revenge flick, beginning with the near-murder of the Bride (Uma Thurman), pregnant on her wedding day and left for dead by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (or DiVAS)--including Lucy Liu and the unseen David Carradine (as Bill)--who become targets for the Bride's lethal vengeance. Culminating in an ultraviolent, ultra-stylized tour-de-force showdown, Tarantino's fourth film is either brilliantly (and brutally) innovative or one of the most blatant acts of plagiarism ever conceived. Either way, it's hyperkinetic eye-candy from a passionate film-lover who clearly knows what he's doing. --Jeff Shannon

Director: John Badham
Starring: Matthew Broderick Dabney Coleman John Wood Ally Sheedy Barry Corbin Juanin Clay Kent Williams Dennis Lipscomb Joe Dorsey Irving Metzman Michael Ensign William Bogert Susan Davis (II) James Tolkan David Clover Drew Snyder John Garber Duncan Wilmore Billy Ray Sharkey John Spencer
Genre: Thriller
Theatrical: 1983   Rated: PG
Duration: 114
Summary: Cute but silly, this 1983 cautionary fantasy stars Matthew Broderick as a teenage computer genius who hacks into the Pentagon's defense system and sets World War III into motion. All the fun is in the film's set-up, as Broderick befriends Ally Sheedy and starts the international crisis by pretending while online to be the Soviet Union. After that, it's not hard to predict what's going to happen: government agents swoop in, but the story ends up in the "hands" of machines talking to one another. Thus we're stuck with flashing lights, etc. John Badham (Saturday Night Fever) directs in strict potboiler mode. Kids still like this movie, though. The DVD release has a widescreen presentation, theatrical trailer, Dolby sound, director commentary, optional English, French and Spanish subtitles. --Tom Keogh